Digital technologies and human development

A paper by Silvia Masiero

In this paper, we provide a set of guidelines for the exploration of the academic sphere of ICT4D. Firstly, wepropose an operational definition of development, which focuses on empowerment and participation ratherthan on sheer economic growth. Secondly, we make an argument in favor of the context-based approach todevelopment, which is capable of overcoming the mismatch between generalist theories and on-field reality.Thirdly, we advocate political analysis as preferable to performance evaluation in development, due to itscapacity of providing a systemic picture and a long-term view on projects. These guidelines, which shouldhelp the reader delving properly in the burgeoning literature on ICT4D, are related, in the conclusion, to theincreasingly advocated usage of ICTs in the pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals.